Creality 3D Solemn Statement
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Creality 3D Solemn Statement on Fake and Shoddy Products
Solemn statement on fake and shoddy products  from Creality 3D
Statement : There are some unscrupulous merchants pretend to be Creality 3D and sell their faking products. Please pay attention and dont be deceived.
Recently, some unscrupulous merchants appeared on the market, counterfeit Creative 3D brands and patented designs, and OEM production and sales, But actually the quality of what they sell was poor. Producing  the high-quality products is the most important idea of Creality 3D.This kind of counterfeit behavior not only violates the law, but also seriously damages the credibility and brand image of Creality 3D, at the same time, it also harms the rights and interests of all users. So how can we buy a genuine Creatity 3D printer?  Now ,I will show you how to avoid them:

  1. Look for the brand of Creality 3d: now Crealilty has its own trademark Creality 3D】【Ender
  1. Look for the official channels: Creality 3d official website address:  In addition, we have our own stores on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon Gear bestAliexpress etc
  2.  Look for the official authorization: All Creality 3D  agents have their formal authorization.

  1.  the marketing  price: dont choose the printer, which the price are more lower than the marketing price. Counterfeit products often use inferior components. Such as: the power does not meet the requirements of the power supply,  inferior motherboards, etc.
  1. Look for country of origin: All the 3d printer are made in Shenzhen Jinchengyuan Industrial area, Shenzhen Yingtai Intelligent Manufacturing Center,  Dichuang  Creality 3d in Wuhan,  and without any OEM foundry products.
  2. Look for the official phone number: National Free customer Service phone number :400-6133882. If you have any questions about the machine you purchased, you can call Creality 3D to identify the authenticity.
Here is the website of Creality 3D official stores .